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Ben's Garden Maintenance and Landscaping can provide you with a diverse range of commercial and residential garden services at prices that can work within your budget.

Regardless of the style of landscape you seek, with our in-depth knowledge and experience of the Western Australian climate, flora and soil types we can provide you with the right landscaping solution and ongoing gardening services that will add value to your property now and into the future.

From the initial design to the installation and ongoing maintenance we offer quality craftsmanship in all the work we undertake including the careful selection of quality plants and materials for your project. 

With a drying climate, limited water resources and an increasing population, choosing the most suitable landscape has never been more important. Our landscapes are water wise and thrive in Perth’s harsh conditions saving you money.

Our goal is to create a landscape that will be the envy of others.

Residential Landscaping

We can change your current landscape into a spectacular showpiece that your friends and family can enjoy. It is widely known that a beautiful garden can greatly increase the value of a property. It is the first thing people recognise on the approach to any residence, and first impressions have the greatest impact. From standard entryways and borders to extravagantly designed gardens and unique plantings, your home deserves the kind of attention to detail that our horticultural experts can offer. With our creative design we can bring your gardens to life making you the envy of your street.

Commercial Landscaping

Our Commercial Landscape and Garden Services are ideal for any small to medium size operation. Whether it be an established property or a new development the objective is to attain a landscaping solution that enhances property value, whilst requiring minimal ongoing maintenance. The key to  a successful

  landscape is in the design and selection of the right turf,  soil preparation, irrigation design and install and plant selection. With our expert knowledge of the local climate and soil types we can provide your company with the best financial solution with most attractive outcome.

Gardening Maintenance

For many people gardening is either something they do not understand or simply don’t have the time to maintain. For us It’s a passion and we take the upmost pride in our work and understanding the detail that makes all the difference. We will strive to make your garden thrive and something you will be proud of.  With a range of services including, pruning, hedging, soil preparation and ongoing fertilizing, weeding, seasonal plantings and even some turf care we can provide an ongoing maintenance plan to suit your budget.

Find out more by calling us on 0409 539 855 or fill in our online enquiry form and we will contact you.

Native Gardens
Native plants are becoming popular again and this is in part due to many more garden friendly varieties on the market. There is also allot more knowledge now on how to grow them and maintain them than 20-30 years ago when they were once popular.

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Exotic Gardens
An exotic garden landscape can make you feel like you are on an overseas holiday every day. The correct selection of plant types can create a unique experience that enhances the look and feel of any space.

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Water Features
Having a water feature in your garden provides a focal point and brings with it a sense of tranquillity. It is well known that as humans we are drawn to water. It is a critical aspect of our survival and the plant life that supports us.

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Reticulation is a key part to the success or failure of any garden landscape. Understanding the water requirements of the plants in your existing garden space, or whether you are planning a new landscape, it is important that you install an irrigation system that is both cost effective and highly efficient.

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The science of soil is about understanding the soil type, its’ composition, its’ pH and the types of plants that it can support. Not all soils are the same and throughout Perth soil types will vary dramatically from one suburb to the next.

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Edible Gardens
With today’s store-bought groceries which are bred for transport, appearance and not optimal flavour aren’t you tired of tasteless strawberries, tomatoes, etc and wish they were like you remember when you were growing up?

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