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Buyer beware – choosing your landscaper and designer

By Ben Sims
31 July, 2020

landscape design.jpg

So, you have an outdoor space that is either a sandpit or decades old and dominated by Golden diosma, palm trees and poorly kept Azaleas that were trendy in the 80s. This space needs fixing but where do I start? who can possibly help me with the mammoth task of transforming this mess into a functional space or a beautiful oasis?  How much should I pay? 

Now it might be tempting to choose that landscaper who has a free quote, no design fee, and an incredibly attractive low price. Who doesn't love a low price? 

A professional designer will visit you on site for an initial consultation, take measurements, photos and then spend many hours preparing a landscape design. When they get back to the office they will contact different contractors, suppliers about new ideas, materials and use their vision, ability and years of experience to bring everything together so that your final design will be functional, stylish and exactly what you want. This takes allot of time and effort and for a large project expect to pay anywhere from $1000 - $6000 for a design because you are getting a blueprint that is going to give you a beautiful functional space that you will enjoy for decades to come or however long you plan to live in your current residence. 

There are many landscapers, landscape designers and landscape architects out there, some are starting out whilst others are award winning. The cost of the service will largely reflect their style, ability, experience, and their success in their field which will translate to you getting exactly what you want. 

In conclusion your new landscape is an investment in your lifestyle, mental health, and a place of relaxation where your friends and family will gravitate to and a place to provide memories for as long as you live there. If you have had a stressful week your new landscape will make you feel energized and recharged. How do you place a value on that?  

We take allot of time to create a design that you will be happy with so please give us a call.