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Getting your garden ready for spring

By Ben Sims
30 August, 2019

small gardens - blueberry.JPG

With spring just days away there is plenty to do to get the garden ready for the warmer months. For your native plants there is very little to do other than admire their beauty and flower show but for exotics which many are dormant or semi dormant there is plenty to do. You can do structural pruning of dormant trees, hard pruning of roses, seasonal pruning of anything else to remove damaged and diseased wood. Another task I like to do is to hard prune vigorous topiary or hedges if they have become woody or too big. Hedges like African box hedge, lily pily can all be prune back very hard to encourage a flush of soft growth that can be re-shaped during spring/early summer. Topiary like Duranta – Geisha girl can be pruned back as hard as you like. 

One big misconception in early spring is as soon as September 1 arrives is that we should be fertilising straight away however for Perth conditions this is incorrect as the soils are usually too cool for the plants to be able to take up the fertiliser until maybe mid to end of September and the resulting fertiliser will end up in creeks and rivers causing issues. Another thing is rainfall combined with excess irrigation if retic has been turned on also will cause leaching. 

Checking reticulation systems at the start of spring is important as things might not be working well since it’s been turned off for months. Make sure all components are working as they should so that come the warmer weather the retic system is working as it should. First start with the controller and check that everything is how it should be and then turn on each station to make sure the solenoids are working, if not either open them up to clean or if it is easier replace. It’s always good to carry a couple of spare solenoids, in the shed. Finally check all the nozzles and make sure none are blocked or damaged, if so then replace. 

And finally, don’t forget to re-pot all your pots now with fresh high-quality potting mix and pot up to bigger pots for any plants that have outgrown their existing pot. At the end of September use a good slow release fertiliser for like Troforte fruit and citrus or any suitable slow release fertiliser for any other plants. When it warms up you can apply Ecowet every month to pots through the hot months and either liquid Ecovital or Powerfeed every 3 weeks depending on the requirements of the plants. 

If you are too busy or not into doing the work, yourself then we would love to hear from you so please give us a call and book in a visit.