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Perth Garden Art featuring Brenton See

By Ben Sims
12 February, 2020

bird photo 1.jpg

Have you got a small garden area surrounded by hard walls or fences?

Well this scenario confronted me whilst doing a garden design in South Guildford. The client had an over run small garden and a few pots along the wall. The first challenge was to re-establish the existing garden and create a small but beautiful bird attracting garden. Screening was required to create a “green fence” for some privacy as the garden backed onto the street. A Coral gum was used to provide some shade and some clumping and small ground covers to fill in the remaining limited space. However there was a missing piece to the puzzle. We were surrounded by walls and fences and adding plants along these would reduce the walkways too much.Then I thought why we don’t bring some art into the garden.

There was only one person I had in mind and that was Brenton See. Brenton is Perth’s leading natural mural artist and spends many hours each week photographing local birds which he uses all around Perth for his amazing murals. Soon Brenton and the customer met up and what happened next was truly amazing. The finished product was beautiful, and you could see local birds and even insects in places you wouldn’t expect.

I would highly recommend a murial by Brenton in your garden to create a unique and beautiful Western Australian feel to your outdoor space.

For more examples please visit Brenton’s website: