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Something flowering in each month - March to May

4 September, 2020

Banksia prionotes - Acorn Banskia.JPG


Proteaceae – same family as Proteas and Leucadendrons from South Africa 

Acorn Banksia - Banksia prionotes is a beautiful large shrub/small tree. It is used allot on roadsides in Western Australia and will grow in sandy alkaline coastal soils as well as any other sandy soil and looks great providing bird attracting flowers when not much else is in flower. March is the least floriferous month for flowers in Western Australian bush.  


Bell flower family - Campanulaceae 
(Light blue)

Angled Lobelia - Lobelia anceps is a fantastic addition for any shady irrigated section of the garden or even better as a hanging basket that will provide a cascade of green foliage and blue flowers for many months. It loves growing in pots. This plant can be found around water in the Perth hills and grows over a wide area of WA as far as I am aware. 

Eucalypt family – Myrtaceae 

Oldfields DarwiniaDarwinia oldfieldii is probably the first plant in my garden that indicates the wildflower season has started. It is quite tough once established and doesn’t get allot of summer water however I do recommend hand watering when required as this plant is a slower grower and not fast to establish and you could quite easily lose it if you didn’t hand water for the first 3 years. It is a small open shrub that has very interesting flowers.