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Turning the reticulation on for summer

By Ben Sims
8 October, 2020


It's that time of the year again when most people have switched on their reticulation systems for the summer. But there are now all these new issues that you weren't expecting such as blocked nozzles, leaking sprinkler(s) and a solenoid that will not close or will not work at all.  Where do you start with all these extra jobs during a year that already hasn't gone to plan to say the least. Well you can try and DIY if you have the knowledge and skills or you can hire a professional. 

Firstly, you need to find a store that sells all your reticulation materials in the one place. I much prefer dedicated reticulation stores as they also have the support and advice for people trying to DIY. But before going to the store, you will need to work out what type of nozzles and sprinklers you have? How am I going to fix everything without letting sand back in the system or if sand gets in the system how do I flush it out as we do not want more blocked nozzles. How do I fix that broken sprinkler that is leaking? Where is my solenoid? When i find it can I swap out the “guts” or do I need to dig a big hole and change the entire thing? How do I re-wire everything so my reticulation system works again? There can be a list of jobs that you had not planned on doing. If you are not experienced and confident in reticulation you can end up in a state of frustration with little fixed or worse more issues than you started with. A “small” reticulation job can require a much bigger fix than first thought and even getting the correct materials on site can be stressful and time consuming for someone who is not experienced or confident fixing reticulation. Then there is performing the fix(s), do you have all the tools and skills and even free time to be able to perform these tasks? What might take you half a day to fix might take a seasoned professional 20 mins to 1 hour so is it worth your time?

With simple fixes such as replacing nozzles I quite often see incorrect nozzles being fitted by DIY people. The worst mistake is when there are entirely different nozzles on the same station such as standard pop ups with gear drives and MP rotators as the person just grabbed the cheapest most convenient sprinkler without understanding they will end up with dead patches on the lawn from lack of coverage or insufficient watering due to different nozzle coverage and outputs. 

We all want a healthy garden and lawn and in Perth with hot dry summers and sandy soils it is important for most plants to get some regular extra water to look their best or survive and thrive. Having a professionally designed and maintained reticulation system is a good start to having a garden that you and the neighbors can enjoy. 

Do not hesitate to give us a call to get that reticulation system working at it is best.