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Water the smart way, save money, time and relax

By Ben Sims
14 October, 2019

Rainbow controller compressed.JPG

Have you been frustrated with that old reticulation controller that came with the house you bought recently or many years ago?  Is it difficult to program or doesn’t even clearly display information on the screen any longer but you can just operate it?

Does it seem to have a mind of its own and now it’s only reliable if you operate it in manual mode? Does your reticulation controller need nearly as much looking after as your pets when you go on holidays? 
Did you realize how far technology has come and what you are missing out on by switching to a smart controller?
Did you realize the benefits far outweigh the costs and I haven’t yet met a customer who wasn’t very happy once they finally upgraded?
Did you know that if your reticulation controller turns itself on during non-watering periods that you could be fined?
Did you know that new smart controllers have a range of options at different price points that make them very affordable?
Did you know that you can leave the entire reticulation maintenance in the hands of a trusted contractor and we can be responsible for turning your controller on in Spring and off for winter without you even needing to think about it any longer?

Did you know that advanced controllers can measure solenoid function, rainfall or when it might rain, temperature, soil moisture, leaks (alert you of leaks or if your pressure has changed significantly for whatever reason) and many other benefits and features? Some brands even have built in solenoid location, so you don’t have to pay a contractor with an expensive solenoid locator to find lost solenoids on an old system when you just moved into a house.

You can save a heap of time money and water as the controller can operate based on local weather conditions(inbuilt with Hydrawise, other brands require a weather station) and soil moisture(instrument required) and you can be alerted as soon as a solenoid isn’t working(included with Hydrawise) or there is a leak(flow meter costs extra).

Tired of walking from the backyard to the front yard to turn your controller on? well now you can save allot of time and money if you are paying a contractor as you can turn it on from your phone whilst in the backyard. You can have the job or just seasonal testing done in half the time and reduced expense if you are paying someone.

Brands that I like to use are the Hunter Hydrawise for best performance and the Rainbird smart controller for a more affordable option. Other options are the Weathermatic which has the inbuilt solenoid location device plus many other features however this is the most expensive and doesn’t use Wifi only 3G.

Ben’s gardens are skilled and experienced in reticulation and as a Watercorp Waterwise accredited landscaper understand the best solutions that will make your garden much more water efficient and healthy.