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Waterwise irrigation, nozzles and run times

By Ben Sims
17 October, 2019

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The following link has a wealth of knowledge from some of Perth best in the horticultural industry and explains all you need to know about reticulation and making sure you are using your system in the most efficient way but also within the Watercorp water requirements and on your registered watering days.

**It also clearly explains that certain waterwise nozzles like MP rotators can be run for at least 45 mins and some nozzles (MP 1000s) even take 60 mins to deliver your allocated 10mm per watering session.

**also don't forget Seasonal adjust as you only need to run your reticulation system at 100% for January and February and you can reduce it during March, April and May until it's turned off for June, July, Aug. When the system turns back on you can start it at 60-70% and gradually increase it as the weather warms up.

**Smart controllers have the ability to use local weather station data or weather stations on site to water efficiently when the cooler and wetter weather is getting closer.