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The science of soil

Soil.jpgThe Science of Soil is about understanding the soil type, its’ composition, its’ pH and the types of plants that it can support.

Not all soils are the same and throughout Perth Soil types will vary dramatically from one suburb to the next. The Perth Metropolitan area is land that has been reclaimed from swamp and marsh areas and built on repeatedly. Throughout the suburbs the pH will vary dramatically meaning that people can be perplexed as to why they cannot grow the same plants that someone in the next suburb has.

The coastal soils that stretch along Perth’s coastline are alkaline and some quite alkaline. With this comes the pH vs nutrient availability effect which means at different ends of the pH scale different nutrients are locked away and unavailable to the plant. You can add all the fertiliser in the world however it will have no effect as the plant can’t uptake certain nutrients at the far ends of the pH scale. We know this sort of information in intimate detail and can tailor the correct plants for your soil type.

Being able to test the soil is the first step in understanding what your base line is. Once we have established this we can then work on establishing what your plan is for the garden and how we can soil improvement products to enhance the soil type or change it to suit a specific need.

Just applying soil improvement products is not always the answer. Plants can thrive alongside other plants whilst certain plant species can be toxic to others

Weeds and some common edibles release chemicals into the soil to make life difficult for other plants to germinate and/or grow.

At Ben’s Garden Maintenance and Landscaping we have the technology and experience to help you establish healthy and sustainable gardens for both residential and commercial uses.

Routine Maintenance Programs

Schedule us for regular maintenance. Our landscapers tailor the most suitable programs for your location and needs. For your convenience, we offer a variety of intervals, including:

  • Daily 
  • Weekly 
  • Monthly 
  • Quarterly 
  • Bi annually 
  • Annually