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Edible Gardens


With today’s store-bought groceries which are bred for transport, appearance and not optimal flavour aren’t you tired of tasteless strawberries, tomatoes, etc and wish they were like you remember when you were growing up? Full of flavour even if they didn’t bounce when they hit the floor.  Not to mention the amount of chemicals that are used to produce these edibles and the fuel that’s used to transport them.

Edible gardens are a great way to get the kids outside and for the family to spend some quality time together and a great distraction and source of intrigue after a long hard day at work. Edible gardening is an addiction once you realize what can be achieved and once set up can be quite inexpensive. You can use your compost that’s been piling up for ages, left over building materials to build raised beds or trellising to grow the perfect peas, watermelon, grapes, passionfruit and pumpkins. Allot of local tips have large spare pots that you can re-use and if you wash and clean them thoroughly and then disinfect with methylated spirits they are as good as new. This new addiction of yours can be done on a shoestring if need be and you can get huge rewards whilst learning new things every day.

If budget isn’t your main concern and you want stylish raised beds that are built with quality in mind, then we can help you with those. Custom Made from high quality corrugated iron they look amazing and should last a very long time without falling apart like the cheaper imitations that you see everywhere. We can even build you stylish brick planters that match your house if need be as Ben’s gardens uses quality contractors and our bricklayer takes allot of pride in his work. Let us set up the perfect irrigation and garden set up to create an edible garden that you will love, and friends will envy. 

For the conservationists that only grow WA natives well there are options for you to such as growing Quandongs, bloodroot, samphire, yams etc and if you want to look Australia wide for a bit more sweetness then there are beautiful Finger limes, midyim berries, rosella, Davidson plum just to mention a few. 

Ben has been growing edibles from a young age, worked on many farms growing up and graduated with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science in 2007. For practical advice and mentoring look no further.  

Examples of an edible garden.

Turning dead space into your own grocery store.