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Western Australian/Australian Native Gardens

Native Garden 1.jpgNative plants are popular again and have well and truly established their place in gardens and landscapes all over Australia and the world. You can find Western Australian plants in the Eastern states in large numbers in parks and gardens often growing equally as well as they do here. Australian plants are so beautiful, hardy and diverse that they are grown all over the world in parks and gardens and even for flower production, timber and food.

Throughout Perth and especially in the newer subdivisions local governments are making it a requirement to have native plants used throughout streetscapes and the gardens.

Ideally suited for the harsh Australian climate the variety of flora available is amazing. Many people are unaware of the magnificent sprays of colour and the diversity that Western Australian plants have to offer. If you choose the correct plants, you can have colour all year.

As a British colony in the 1800’s many people wanted to create the traditional English cottage garden. Many of the plant species brought out from England either did not flourish or died, however the tradition has continued up to present day. Having  a vast area of turf surrounded by roses and cottage perennials might look amazing but with water restrictions of as little as twice a week, less rainfall, hot and dry summers it’s getting harder and more expensive to keep that large lawn and non-waterwise garden looking at its best.


Unfortunately, it’s becoming popular especially amongst migrants who aren’t              Native Garden 2.jpg                                                                                                              used to having gardens or don’t want them to surround their outdoor spaces      with pavers and artificial turf. Now this saves on water however it creates much hotter suburbs without anything for the birds and insects that rely on         your garden to survive. The saving on water might be offset by the increase    use of energy (air conditioning) as at night those solid surfaces re-radiate the heat that was stored during the day. The other underestimated benefit of a garden is on your mental health. Imagine coming home to your own sanctuary surrounded by beautiful flowers, foliage, birds and insects which have such a calming effect on your mind and distract you from the day to day grind.

Australian Native Gardens is our specialty. At Ben’s we can provide unique garden landscape designs to suit small courtyards through to large properties. We love the challenge that a small space brings, and the unique solutions are very exciting and rewarding.    

With the requirement to use less water (including its increase in cost) it is important we all make some contribution to saving this precious resource. The simplest way you can is to have your garden designed and planted with Australian natives.     

An Australian native garden can provide you with year- round colour and evergreen shrubs and trees. Requiring less maintenance means less time spent gardening. There are additional benefits of using native plants in your garden. These include:

•    More birdlife as you are providing them with a natural food source
•    A balance in the ecology of insect life meaning less pests
•    A reduction in the need to use pesticides which is better for the environment
•    Rebuilding your soil ecology naturally
•    Edible garden that requires less water and nutrients
•    Less weeds
•    Less water usage

All healthy gardens require careful planning, cultivation and maintenance. Our expert gardeners can provide you with advice on plant selection, landscape design and an ongoing maintenance plan.                                                                                                                                   

Routine Maintenance Programs

Native Garden 3.jpgSchedule us for regular maintenance. Our landscapers tailor the most suitable programs for your location and needs. For your convenience, we offer a variety of intervals, including:

  • Monthly 
  • Quarterly 
  • Bi annually 
  • Annually