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Western Australian/Australian Native Gardens

Native Garden 1.jpgNative plants are becoming popular again and this is in part due to many more garden friendly varieties on the market. There is also allot more knowledge now on how to grow them and maintain them than 20-30 years ago when they were once popular. Techniques include regular tip pruning after flowering is a sure way to get many more flowers the next year with most species. Some varieties can be hard pruned after many years to re-invigorate the plants foliage and subsequent flowering. Other techniques include deep stem planting with appropriate species will see significantly improved survival rates and faster establishment times. Natives are here to stay this time and the birds and local wildlife will thank us for it.

Throughout Perth and especially in the newer sub divisions local governments are making it a requirement to have native plants used throughout streetscapes and the gardens.

Ideally suited for the harsh Australian climate the variety of flora available is staggering. Many people are unaware of the magnificent sprays of colour and the diversity that Western Australian plants have to offer. It is quite staggering how much someone can know about roses and how little they understand the magnificent plants that grow naturally in their own back yard. If you want a garden that resembles Kings Park look no further.

As British colony in the 1800’s many people wanted to create the traditional English cottage garden. Many of the plant species brought out from England either did not flourish or died, however the tradition has continued up to present day.

With the increase in our multi-cultural population, many of our new migrants are unaware that Australian plants can provide just as beautiful a garden as a traditional English or European garden. Many Asian Australians prefer something that reminds them of home which include plants such as Frangipanis, Hibiscus, Gardenia, Azalea, however these plants aren’t unique at all and are found in most countries around the world. The real gems are the plants which once grew naturally where your current garden is now as these aren’t found anywhere else in the world. I go to Taiwan and see the same plants in Perth’s backyards. What people really stand up and take notice of when visiting another country is the local plants and animals.

Native Garden 2.jpgAustralian Native Gardens is our specialty. At Ben’s we can provide unique garden landscape designs to suit small apartments through to acreage properties.

With the requirement to use less water (including its increase in cost) it is important we all make some contribution to saving this precious resource. The simplest way you can is to have your garden designed and planted with Australian natives.

An Australian native garden can provide you with year- round colour and evergreen shrubs and trees. Requiring less maintenance means less time spent gardening. There are additional benefits of using native plants in your garden. These include:

  • More birdlife as you are providing them with a natural food source
  • A balance in the ecology of insect life meaning less pests
  • A reduction in the need to use pesticides which is better for the environment
  • Rebuilding your soil ecology naturally
  • Less weeds
  • Less water usage

All healthy gardens require careful planning, cultivation and maintenance. Our expert gardeners can provide you with advice on plant selection, landscape design and an ongoing maintenance plan.

Routine Maintenance Programs

Native Garden 3.jpgSchedule us for regular maintenance. Our landscapers tailor the most suitable programs for your location and needs. For your convenience, we offer a variety of intervals, including:

  • Daily 
  • Weekly 
  • Monthly 
  • Quarterly 
  • Bi annually 
  • Annually